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Careless Whispers

Interaction | Product | Exhibition

An interactive intervention that explores and brings awareness to the way fake news is circulated today.

'The truth? What's that? Don't you know that the day has come when the truth is what we care to make it?'

Crichton Smith, 1968

Careless Whispers is an interactive game that challenges and critique how today's news is circulated and miscommunicated in the current social climate. 

I took inspiration from the playground game, 'Chinese Whispers' and used this form to highlight the issue of how fake news is circulated through 'word of mouth'. My aim is to allow players to see that we need to be less passive and should actively find out where we get our information from.

This game was showcased in the exhibition Breaking! (2018) at Warehouse Showroom, London. 


Organised and curated with other Graphic Communication Design students, the theme of the exhibition is to use the news headlines of the day to create one day installations and experiences. 


During the day, there would be 6 moments where people need to pass down today's headlines from the 6 major newspapers of London.

Can you handle the news?

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