Proud beyond Pride

Creative Strategy | Social Media content | Web design

A Pride campaign where Wagamama handed over their spaces to organisations at the forefront of positive change in LGBTQIA+ communities.

Not just a month, not just a march, not just a flag.

Role: Graphic Designer

Campaign turn-around: 4 weeks

Outcomes include: Video series on social media, social media promotions and campaign landing page

To launch Wagamama’s Pride campaign, Proud Beyond Pride saw Wagamama become the platform and amplifier that supports and facilitates the many intersectional identities within the LGBTQIA+ community, in real life and online.

Process & Criteria:

  • Understand Wagamama as an ally, to support and inspire intersectional LGBTQIA+ identities in real life and online, not only during Pride but beyond.

  • Must align with Wagamama's brand identity and tone of voice.


  • Social media promotions for campaign, events and workshops

  • Video series highlighting  LGBTQIA+ community changemakers and their experiences.

  • Landing page for campaign events and workshops

As part of the design team, I was in charge of the art direction and tone of voice of the video series, creating the promotional content for social media and the final landing page that were hosted on Screen Shot media as well as Wagamama's Instagram and website

Overall Pride campaign and promotions drew in views and click across social channels.

  • 4.5M impressions per month (June-August 2021)

  • 980K minutes viewed

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