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Dear Parents

Branding | Workshop | Typography

In response to 2019's D&AD Monotype brief, this is a typography-led campaign to celebrate parents and the subtle acts of love they show us.

Screenshot 2019-06-08 19.30.36.png

Dear Parents is a collaborative, typography-led campaign that celebrates the subtle acts of love parents show to their children. Using letter-writing as an activation point, our aim is to create a space for participants to reflect on their own relationship with parents, to rediscover and reconnect.

This project was inspired by our own upbringing in an Asian community where our parents expressed their care for us in ways that we don’t realise; like bringing fruit to our rooms or driving us to their university to help move in, we only realise these subtle acts of love years later, when we are all grown up. This insight led us to consider how this resonation could bring community joy and connection.


With a letter-writing workshop, we ask the public to reflect on a moment where their parents showed their care in ways they didn’t expect and contribute to an open letter of appreciation to all parents. A collage that would reveal the lettering“Thank you”, the typeface we’ve developed inspired by the typographic qualities of handwriting.


To engage with the local community and a larger audience, we also created a digital platform and poster design that contains letters that participants submitted to be shared with the public. With this and the hashtag, #dearparents, we hope to for others to read the stories and brighten their day, taking these moments of waiting to reflect and to connect with their parents once again.

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