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Death is not the end

Experience | Moving Image | Interaction

What is life after death? What if we never die?

An installation that seeks to destigmatise ageing.

'We die because one of our most important parts break.'

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, 2017

Death is not the end is an installation that explores the concept of death and ageing. Using myself as the subject, I used friends and families' impression of myself to create an alternative funeral. The aim is to highlight the idea that death is not the end of life, there are still fragments and traces of us living in this world. This is represented with objects and first impressions collected, shown through the method of digital Arduino and Max msp 7.


Through research, I've seen those memories and experiences that we leave behind has more value and weight than anything after death. And in today's information age, our digital self is being saved and collected with our digital footprint. In truth, we may never truly die and will 'live forever'.

In the future, I would like to develop part of this installation of an alternative funeral in order to give more meaning to a person's life. 

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