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Free the nipple

Product | Packaging | Design for Good

A t-shirt designed and packaged to raise awareness and destigmatise breastfeeding and the female body.

'Free the Nipple is not about seeing breasts, it's about having women having the choice.'

Esco, 2015

Free the Nipple is a response to the brief 'Made to Persuade' which asks us to create an intervention that persuades or challenges others to a topic of interest.


Inspired by the 2012 campaign 'Free the Nipple', I created stickers and t-shirts that aims to persuade and destigmatise the sexualisation of the female body on social media and in public. Sewing on pink and brown nipples onto the t-shirt, my hope is to normalise the public image of the female nipple.

These products were designed and sold in the Made to Persuade pop-up store in Central Saint Martins, London (2015).


Each t-shirt was sold for £10 and proved to be a successful campaign as they were sold out by 3pm!

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