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How Gen Z want brands to lead with purpose

Art Direction | Presentation Design | Creative Strategy

An insight report created by Screen Shot Agency driven by Gen Z trends, cultural movements and behaviours. 

Role: Lead Designer & Assistant Strategist 

Outcomes include: Insight report

With access to a monthly audience reach of over 100 million, the Screen Shot team has developed an insight report based on Gen Z trends, cultural movements and behaviours for the masses. You can download the full report here.

Process & Criteria:

  • Showcase the style and methodology of Screen Shot Agency.

  • Use user research and insight to inform design and copy.

Contributing to user research and development, we used user surveys taken from Screen Shot's social media audiences to forecast and predict what our core audience want and need from brands. 


I used this data to create the visuals and information design for the report, for this I had to research and analyse what is the most engaging way to represent data for users. From researching the latest trend reports to analysing what data should be used, this has been a very rewarding experience and we have since shared our insight report to teams like Pinterest and more.

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