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Man or Machine?

Game | Moving image | Interaction

As the operating system (OS) of a smartphone, could you get through a day as a servant for the human user without any errors?

'The best reason for making machines more like people is to make people less like machines'

Humans, 2015

Man or Machine? is an interactive game experience that asks the audience to consider the question:


Are we that different from machines?


The aim is to provide a platform for reflection and contemplation about the relationship between us and our smartphone. Further exploring what future applications could be:

What if machines become human?

Could they take over our thoughts next?

Going through the everyday operation of a smartphone operating system (OS), your job is to open apps as fast and efficiently as possible or face the risk of being replaced by the newest model.

Showcased at Central Saint Martins Degree Show 2: Design, June 19-21 2019

BA Graphic Communication Design Degree Show 2019: Made it

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