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The Special Event Call out 2021
for Selina Hotel

UX Design | Social Media content | Creative Strategy

A digital call-out for an all-inclusive event in Selina's new Camden location. 

Do you have a dream event you've always wanted to put on?

Role: Lead Designer & Assistant Strategist 

Campaign turn-around: 2 weeks

Outcomes include: Landing page, social media launch roll out and event promotion

To celebrate the end of lockdown and Selina's new Camden music embassy location, Screen Shot and Selina are opening The Special Event Call Out, celebrating London's thriving creative events scene by producing their dream events, for free.

Process & Criteria:

  • Understand Selina's brand as a destination for young, international travelers to stay at and meet other like-minded individuals with the same mindset.

  • A sleeker and more 'Screen Shot-esque' aesthetic to draw in London's creative community.

  • Must include motifs and nods to the new Selina Camden location's restaurant, Power Plant.

  • Must use Selina's brand fonts and box grid systems as the base of the design.

Outcome (pending event launch July 2021):

  • Landing page for call-out entries 

  • Social media promotions for call-out and subsequent events by the 10 winners.

As lead designer, I was in charge of creating a landing page for participants to enter and learn more about the Call Out. Alongside this, there's an accompanying trailer and promotional content that were posted on Screen Shot media's Instagram page to draw traffic to the site and events curated and created by the 10 winners. 

Overall competition and promotions drew in views and click across social channels.

  • Instagram: 153K+ views and likes

  • Unique landing page: 100K+ clicks and over 50 entries

Please click on the highlighted text to view live digital content.

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