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The good design card game

Game | Product | Interaction

As a designer in a good design studio, can you pitch and defend your product as good design?

'Design always presents itself as serving the human but its real ambition is to redesign the human'

Colomina & Wigley, 2016

The good design card game is a card game that aims to create conversation on what good design is.


As a design practitioner, the concept of good design has always presented itself within the design process; if it is good, it should follow the 5 stages (Define, ideate, prototype, build and analyse). On the other hand as consumers, we as a society have been influenced by what the design industry deems to be good or worthy.

I wonder how this has become so, when did we give so much power to design over our own thinking? Through this card game, I want to give this power back to the designer and the consumer. 

The premise of the card game: the players are part of a design studio whose aim is to pitch a collection of "good" designed products to clients. Each design will need to meet the criteria in Dieter Rams' 10 principles for good design. They will then argue for why their designer is good, even if it doesn't align with the "golden standard".

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