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This is Me

Moving Image | Creative writing

Using the moles on a face as a tool, this is a self-empowered video to show others a different side of myself - this is me.

'Life is a race and everyday is a lap, trying hard, but unable to fill the gap.'

Sayed, 2008

This is Me is a response to a brief that asks how I would like others to see me, details of my personal life that may not be known to others.


Using my own insecurity about the moles on my face, this video is a form of self-empowerment to help me see through this physical flaw; as something that makes me unique. By connecting the moles on my face with a white pen, I want to highlight how life is like a marathon, full of ups and downs, and we shouldn't feel like a flaw is something that holds us back from our goals.

The narrative was inspired by the poem, 'Race of Life' by Fahim Sayed (2008) who describes the different hurdles in life and how we have to run the race of life, no matter the circumstance. This reflects the way I've dealt with this constant insecurity of mine, struggles and triumph but never-ending.

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